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Coloured taper & pillar candles 

We offer high quality candles in a range of beautiful colours from two of the leading candle producers: ester & erik and British manufacturer Charles Farris. You can explore both collections below. 

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 ester & erik candles

These beautiful handmade ester & erik candles are the perfect way to add colour & elegance to your tablescapes, whilst also adding height (at 42cm!). Mix & match shades & colours to add depth to your tablescapes... 

Available in over 80 colours. We aim to stock between 40-50 shades at any one time (see below). Please enquire for availability or futher colour requests. 


Taper Candles 

Height: 42cm

Burn time: approx. 11 hours 

Cost: £3.25 + VAT per candle 

Feature: Non-drip, Non-smoking

Minimum of 20 candles to be purchased. Can be shipped out via courier.


Pillar candles

We can buy in coloured pillar candles on request. Please note shipping usually takes a minimum of 6 weeks 

ester & erik

 Charles Farris candles

Charles Farris

Every single Charles Farris London candle is a small piece of craftsmanship. Slowly and lovingly hand crafted in their Wiltshire factory by generations of skilled candle makers, have been able to craft the perfect dinner candle. A natural product that is beautiful to look at, made with care and produced from the purest wax available

Made in the UK, these candles can be ordered and received in a matter of days. 


Taper Candles 

Height: 32cm

Burn time: approx. 8 hours 

Cost: £2.85 + VAT per candle 

Minimum of 20 candles to be purchased 

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