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Coloured Linen

 Coloured linen is the perfect way to transform your tables with a touch of colour, or even by opting for a white cloth from our premium linen collection will elevate your tables with a touch of luxury.  Pop into our showroom to see the full range, or get in contact today for more info...

Napkins Ranges:

Tablecloth Ranges:

Essentials Linen


Our essentials linen is a plain weave fabric available in seven colours. Using 100% Polyester Jet Spun fibres, they provide a soft-touch finish

Essentials Textured Linen

essential textured

Our essentials textured linen range has a subtle textured finish, adding a relaxed informality to your tablescape yet maintaining a classic aesthetic

Stonewash Linen


Our stonewashed linens range are made from 100% cotton. They provide a rustic, relaxed stonewash effect, giving these napkins real stand out character. Available in four beautiful soft, pastel colours 

Premium Imperial Linen


Imperial's heavy texture and granular weave gives this table linen a satisfying feel, and also allows provides a flowing drape like no other. Available in nine show-stopping colours, this range will truly transform your tablescapes with pure indulgence!

Premium Natural Linen


This natural range provides a unique finish and country feel, with its defined texture and granular weave. Perfect for table draping, with its naturally heavy composition